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Custom Work Is What We Do

Custom Work Is What We Do

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Shot Glasses (3 for $25) (6 for $40)

Pub Glasses (2 for $35) (4 for $60)

Wine Glasses (2 for $35) (4 for $60)

Man Mugs (1 for $45) (2 for $80) 

PLACE A PHONE ORDER NOW to get quantity, custom design drafts & pricing.

*Stemless wine glasses & Rock glasses are available upon request

Contact us today to hear about limited time special offers!

We will not process any payments until you are satisfied with the design that will be engraved.

***Ask about larger quantities***

 4' X 4"

3 Laser Engraved Magnetic Shot Glasses (Hand Washable)

Customize Your Graphic

Available in Singles & Pairs

PHONE IN in to personalize your new Hawk Shot Ski graphic & get proofs until you are satisfied with the design.

*Popular options are family last names, "Hawk Shot Ski", & business logos.

22" X 11" X 3.5"

Multiple Coloration Options

12 Laser Engraved 1.5 oz Shot Glasses Featuring 3 Different Designs

Multiple 3/4" Solid Wood Bases To Choose From

4 Protective Felt Pads

ORDER NOW & tell us how you would like to personalize your new HAWKAHOLICS drink tray!

50% of proceeds will be contributed to the "Birthday Club" to support children awaiting adoption with a gift card on their birthday.

Authentic Signature

Notarized Documents

Framed Limited Edition Certificate of Authenticity

3D Palm trees

ORDER NOW & ask about our special offer.

Custom Glassware

Hawk Shot Ski


Philip Rivers Autographed Sports Memorabilia


Nighthawks Fund-Raiser


50% of all proceeds are contributed to the South Sound Nighthawks to support stadium & field expenses as well as travel & equipments costs.

24" X 15" X 1.5"

Easy mount keyhole hangers

3 steel coated layers

Customizable options

***Call to place order & support your local South Sound Nighthawks***

 (360) 722.6822